The Way to Happiness public service announcements produced by the Church of Scientology, one PSA for each of the 21 precepts of the book, reach millions on a global scale.

The videos capture the essence of each precept, dramatically illustrating them so they can be understood by anyone. By raising awareness of why these precepts are essential to happiness and a better life, the PSAs help to shift attitudes and change viewpoints.

Although specifically created for an audience spanning preteen to early 20s, the PSAs have universal appeal and are appropriate for all ages.

The Way to Happiness public service announcements are seen by more than 20 million viewers yearly.
The Way to Happiness PSAs air in police stations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and other cities across South Africa, as part of a program to curb crime.

The series regularly plays in shopping malls, airports, train stations, city buses, sports stadiums, concert halls, schools, community centers and cinemas. They are broadcast on hundreds of television stations, reaching more than 20 million viewers yearly. A sampling of their use reflects their universal appeal:

The “Culture Palace” in Ekaterinburg in Russia shows The Way to Happiness PSAs in their entrance hall and mezzanine.

In Guatemala, the PSAs have screened daily on national television to half a million people each airing.

In Venezuela, 28 Caracas movie theaters screened the PSAs for four months. The Caracas Airport has played them in passenger waiting areas for two years.

In Costa Rica, a Way to Happiness lecture series featuring the PSAs was delivered to hundreds of medical professionals and surgeons.


“Since implementing the Way to Happiness program last school year, we have documented decreases in the areas of negative behavior, blatant disrespect and aggressive behavior and attitudes. We have documented increases in mutual respect and tolerance for individual differences in others, common concern for others, an understanding of the importance of giving, and healthy competition.”
—School Principal, U.S.

“The Way to Happiness achieves marvelous results. It supplies solid, practical methods for solving the problems students face while growing up, by giving them the clear-cut difference between right and wrong.”
—School Principal, Pakistan

“The crime statistics for major crime in this area have been considerably down for each of the first four months of the year. With the tool of The Way to Happiness, we are winning and we will have a final victory over the degradation that surrounds us.”
—Neighborhood Improvement Association Director, U.S.